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Constraining Tidal Quality Factor in Low-Mass Binary Stars

Published onJun 01, 2020
Constraining Tidal Quality Factor in Low-Mass Binary Stars

Tidal interactions in binary systems drive their orbital and stellar evolutions. Due to tides, the current rotation period of the primary star and orbital eccentricity in the system depends upon the tidal dissipation efficiency in stars. This efficiency is parameterized as Tidal Quality Factor (Q), which is qualitatively determines the energy lost in a system due to tides. Several studies have been conducted before to derive constraints for this parameter Q to provide a better understanding of the effects of tides in binary systems. I present here the results and analysis from MCMC simulations of several low-mass eclipsing binary stars found in the Kepler catalog. This study is aimed towards using a large number of binaries in order to explore the dependence of Q upon various observational parameters.

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