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A simulation study of ultra-relativistic jets

Published onJun 01, 2020
A simulation study of ultra-relativistic jets

We present the early results of simulations of ultra-relativistic jets using a newly developed code for relativistic hydrodynamics. The code is based on the high-order WENO-Z scheme and employs a realistic equation of state. We confirm that the type of radio jets is primarily determined by the jet power, that is, either FR type I for low power or FR type II for high power. We present the morphology of simulated jets for different jet powers. We also discuss the dependence of the jet morphology for secondary parameters, such as the momentum injection rate. The newly developed code can reproduce detail structures, including shocks or shears. Taking advantage of it, we obtain the statistics of shocks and shears generated by simulated jets and surrounding flows. We present the results and discuss the implications for the acceleration of ultra-high energy cosmic rays at radio galaxies.

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