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Cosmic Downdraft Triggered by AGN Jet Feedback

Published onJun 01, 2020
Cosmic Downdraft Triggered by AGN Jet Feedback

AGN jet feedback in stratified cluster atmospheres lifts low entropy gas out of the center of the gravitational potential well, in the wake of jets and buoyantly rising bubbles. After a dynamical time, much of that uplifted material may descend again, creating a down-draft in its wake. These down-drafts may pull non-thermal plasma, originally injected into the ICM by the rising bubble, back down and in the process compress it and reignite it in low-frequency radio emission. I will present a numerical investigation of the possible observable manifestations of this dynamical effect based on MHD simulations of AGN cluster feedback and discuss its implications in the context of cluster radio mini-halos and long-term non-thermal emission from clusters.

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