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Implementation of Dual-Anonymous Peer Review at NASA

Published onJun 01, 2020
Implementation of Dual-Anonymous Peer Review at NASA

Over the next year, all Astrophysics General Observer / General Investigator (GO/GI) programs will convert to a dual-anonymous peer review process. Not only will proposers be unaware of the identity of reviewers, but the reviewers will also not have explicit knowledge of the proposing teams’ and institutions’ identities. In addition, four NASA Science Mission Directorate ROSES-2020 programs (including ADAP and Habitable Worlds) will also switch to dual-anonymous peer review. NASA understands that the dual-anonymous peer review represents a major shift in proposal evaluation. Since NASA is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the proposing community, NASA will provide detailed guidance in this talk. Topics that will be covered include: how to write anonymized proposals, how proposals will be evaluated, and which additional resources are available to assist the community with the transition.

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