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X-raying the Ecosystem of the Galactic Center

Published onJun 01, 2020
X-raying the Ecosystem of the Galactic Center

Nuclear activity of a galaxy plays a key role in shaping its ecosystem. However, how such activity actually varies with time and affect the environment remains largely uncertain. Our Galaxy is a unique site where this issue can be studied over broad time and spatial ranges. To facilitate such a study, we have just completed a Chandra survey of the Galactic central 2×4 square degree field. This Chandra legacy survey will be used for years to come. In particular, the complete Chandra coverage of the field now allows us to study large-scale diffuse X-ray emission and distinctly extended objects with minimal confusion from point-like sources. We can then examine properties of various outstanding ionization/outflow phenomena observed in the region, as well as X-ray sources as a function of the Galactic latitude. We will present preliminary results from the survey, including a fascinating comparison with the MeerKAT radio image of the same region.

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