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Revealing the Powerful Particle Accelerator in the Galactic Center

Published onJun 01, 2020
Revealing the Powerful Particle Accelerator in the Galactic Center

The origin of numerous filamentary structures in the Galactic Center region has been a long standing question for several decades. The MeerKAT observatory recently revealed more than 100 radio filaments, which associate with a bipolar bubble structure, pointing to a global mechanism for relativistic particles lighting up the filaments, such as a past outburst from the Galactic center supermassive black hole. Therefore, the filaments serve as powerful tools to probe relativistic particles and their engines in the Galactic center. In this talk, I am going to report our discovery on a few new X-ray filaments in the Sgr A complex region, using a recent deep Chandra survey in this region. This is the first step towards mapping all the X-ray filaments within the central 1.5 degree from Sgr A* and to compare with the MeerKAT results. Our goal is to use the spectral, timing and spatial distribution of the filaments to reveal what type of sources in the Galactic center serves as the power engine for the filaments.

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