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Making informative Interactive figures for time series data sets

Published onJun 01, 2020
Making informative Interactive figures for time series data sets

Do you work in the time domain? Do you have a lot of interesting data with specific features that are difficult to show in regular figures? Do you like sharing your underlying data? Well, good news! The astropy project has a new module that allows you to easily create interactive figures that can be easily shared in a Jupyter notebook or webpage. They can even be bundled and published as is in the AAS Journals. The aas-timeseries project, which is built on the recently launched astropy's timeseries module, allows one to create interactive figures with different layers, markers, ranges, lines, and labels. This gives the creator the ability to present specific views of their time series data set while still giving the user the freedom to fully explore the data and download it for their own analysis in a .csv format file. The ultimate goal of the module is to make the production of time domain interactive figures as straightforward as creating any other static figure. By embedding the process within the standard visualization process of astropy this will just be another step in figure creation. I provide some interactive figure examples and the astropy code to illustrate how easy it can be to improve the narrative of your science. Full instructions on installing and using the package are available at

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