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Early Performance and Science Results from NEID

Published onJun 01, 2020
Early Performance and Science Results from NEID

The NEID spectrograph is the culmination of years of effort, going back to the 2010 decadal survey which recommended that the NSF and NASA collaborate on precise radial velocimetry. It is a high resolution spectrograph with an instrumental precision goal of below 30 cm/s. It was installed at the WIYN 3.5m at KPNO in October 2019, and achieved first light on Dec. 13. It also now has a solar telescope that will collect precise Doppler velocities of the sun every clear day. The mountain is currently closed, but the team plans an operational readiness review and full operations in early 2021. The instrument is available to the public through the NN-EXPLORE program, and operates via a queue. The NOIR Lab and partner TACs award successful proposals with time at certain priorities that determine the order observations happen in, and successful proposers enter their observations via a Web portal that is under development. Data from NEID will be processed nightly at NExScI, and made available to proposers (and, once the proprietary period expires, to the public) via a archive akin to the KOA.

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