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EMU: The Evolutionary Map of the Unverse radio sky survey

Published onJun 01, 2020
EMU: The Evolutionary Map of the Unverse radio sky survey

Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU; is a new-generation wide-field radio continuum sky survey being delivered by the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope. The EMU survey will image the entire Southern Sky, extending to at least +30deg North, with the aim of reaching 15 microJy/bm noise and 10 arcsec resolution at 1 GHz. EMU is expected to detect 70 million radio sources, including normal star-forming galaxies out to z=0.3, starburst galaxies and radio-quiet AGN out to z=1, radio-loud AGN across the cosmic time back to the epoch of reionisation, and to map the Cosmic Web. Furthermore, cosmological studies are being undertaken with the survey (large-scale structure, cosmological parameters). And, with the privileged location in the Southern hemisphere, EMU is surveying radio stars and mapping continuum radio emission of the Galactic Plane and Centre. Given the anticipated vast amount of data, EMU is also preparing for the unexpected discoveries, and is developing automated methods to mine the radio survey data through machine learning and citizen science. The EMU Pilot Survey was observed in 2019, reaching angular resolution of approximately 12 arcsec and noise levels of 20-25 microJy/bm at 943 MHz, over a 270 sq.deg region within the Dark Energy Survey (DES) footprint. Its analysis is currently undergoing. Here, I present the survey parameters, products and results already being delivered with the EMU early science and pilot survey data.

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