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Filament Oscillations in Active Region 12076

Published onJun 01, 2020
Filament Oscillations in Active Region 12076

We present an analysis of repeated large amplitude longitudinal oscillations (LALO) in filaments in Active Region 12076 in May and June of 2014. Most of the oscillations were associated with a region of emerging and then canceling magnetic flux that resulted in multiple activations and filament eruptions. We analyze twelve separate oscillations that occur in a complex of filaments in the active region over twelve days. Luna and Karpen (2012) model LALO in filaments oscillations of magnetized filament plasma moving along dipped magnetic field lines with gravity as a restoring force. Under this model the period of these oscillations can be used to estimate the curvature of the magnetic field in the location of the filament, providing observationally derived values to compare with models of the magnetic field in the active region corona. Periods ranged from 26-74 minutes, corresponding to magnetic field curvatures of about 20-130 Mm.

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