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Radio Jets in the Galaxy NGC 612

Published onJun 01, 2020
Radio Jets in the Galaxy NGC 612

The poster I will be presenting is about my research with the radio jets in the galaxy NGC 612. My research involves the areas of galactic evolution, black holes, and radio astronomy. With this galaxy, I am trying to explain how it's radio jets are produced. In the study of radio jets, there have been two kinds of radio jets identified. These radio jets are the Fanaroff-Riley 1 and 2 jets. The Fanaroff-Riley 1 and 2 jets are classified based on their size and brightness while they travel out of their galaxy's center. Fanaroff-Riley 1 jets continuously flow out of the galactic center of their host galaxy. On the other hand, Fanaroff-Riley 2 jets flow out of their galaxy’s center but clump up at a certain distance away. Fanaroff-Riley 2 jets also tend to be more luminous than Fanaroff-Riley 1 jets. When the center of a galaxy is active, it usually produces a pair of Fanaroff-Riley 1 or 2 jets. But in the galaxy I am researching, it is producing a lone Fanaroff-Riley 1 and 2 jet. This places the galaxy NGC 612 in a rare subcategory of galaxies called HyMoRS. HyMoRS stands for Hybrid Morphology Radio Sources. My research group is trying to explore why this galaxy is producing one of each jet instead of two of the same. We believe there may be some physical difference between the two sides of the galaxy to cause the differing formation of these jets.

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