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Astrobites: accessible summaries of the latest astrophysics research

Published onJun 01, 2020
Astrobites: accessible summaries of the latest astrophysics research

Astrobites is a graduate student-run website, aimed at making current astrophysical research accessible to a broader audience by publishing plain-language summaries of recent research papers. Since its founding in December 2010, Astrobites has featured more than 2,500 posts written by over 100 contributors spread across many continents. Weekday posts summarize cutting-edge research papers from the ArXiv preprint server, while additional “beyond astro-ph” content includes career advice, conference live-blogging, summaries of landmark astronomy papers, and more. Our audience includes undergraduate students, graduate students, professional scientists and astronomy enthusiasts. Astrobites has inspired similar science communication efforts in other languages as well as scientific disciplines. Today, Astrobites is broadening to include new content, discussing topics such as science policy and equity and inclusion efforts, and expanding its role as a pedagogical tool for teaching about current research.

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