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Expansion of the Universe and its correlation with Dark Energy

Published onJun 01, 2020
Expansion of the Universe and its correlation with Dark Energy

The redshift of the distant galaxies proves that the Universe is expanding and at a good rate. The trouble is not with the expansion rather the force that is helping in this expansion. The Four Forces that we know of that is Gravitational Force, Electromagnetic Force, WeakForce and Strong Force, unfortunately, does not help in understanding the expansion of the Universe even after 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang. Initially, it was thought that the Universe had an exponential expansion just after the Big Bang and this will slow down before Gravity starts contracting the Universe. This theory got a setback after the Red Shift of the Galaxies showed that still, the Universe is expanding. This means that the Gravitational Force is not being able to drift galaxies towards one another. Scientists have argued that there is some force that is repelling the Universe but understanding this force has been difficult till now. What is this Dark Energy is a haunting question in today’s world. This is due to the fact that still not too much is known about this force. It 5% of the observable Universe is known whereas around 95% is still a mystery to us. Of that 95% around 68% is Dark Energy. So the importance of understanding this force is need of the hour. The issue as of now is, Dark Energy is hypothetical in nature. The idea of Dark Energy goes to explain the expansion of the Universe if DarkEnergy is taken as an Anti- Gravitational Force. Is Dark Energy the fifth fundamental force that has been ignored for so long. Einstein and Schrodinger did interact with one another after he had understood that the Universe was expanding through the theory presented by Hubble. To counter the exigence that space-time changes with the matter he had proposed a constant by the name Cosmological Constant. Later he took the constant away stating that it was his blunder not to understand that the Universe was Expanding. Schrodinger had proposed to put the Cosmological Constant in the right side of the equation. Einstein later did not agree with the idea. Still it can be considered that both of them were talking about an extra force but could not come to any conclusion on this.This paper tries to analyze the concept of Dark Energy as noninteracting supermassive Energy(NISE). The paper will try to see the relationship between expanding Universe and Dark Energy. The paper will try to develop a new spectrum that can make Dark Energy visible understandable. The paper will also like to see the relationship between Dark Energy and Photon. In the later stage of the paper, it will be tried to analyze if Dark Energy can be used as fuel for interstellar travel.

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