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Frank Quimby Orrall (1925–2000)

Published onDec 01, 2001
Frank Quimby Orrall (1925–2000)

At the age of 74, Professor Orrall died in Ipswich, Massachusetts on 4 February 2000. He is renowned worldwide for the scope of his research on the solar corona and for his dedication to teaching.

Orrall was born on 15 October 1925 in Somerville, Massachusetts and received his BS in physics from the University of Massachusetts in 1950. At Harvard, under the supervision of Professors Donald Menzel and Richard Thomas, he earned his PhD in 1956.

A full obituary of Orrall's work at Sacramento Peak Observatory and the University of Hawaii was written by John T. Jefferies and Jack B. Zirker and published in Solar Physics, Vol. 194, No.2, pp. 185-187, June 2000.

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