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Wallace R. Beardsley (1922–1991)

Published onSep 01, 1991
Wallace R. Beardsley (1922–1991)

Wallace R. Beardsley (June 4, 1922-March 16, 1991) attended the University of Washington, where T. S. Jacobsen apparently first taught him astronomy, though his bachelor's degrees were in mathematics and physics (1948). In 1950 he began his studies at the Yerkes Observatory. Departure of his thesis adviser in 1953 evidently led to his taking a position at the Allegheny Observatory that year, and to a delay in receiving the Yerkes S.M. degree (1960). His research interests centered on astrometric and spectroscopic observations of a variety of binary stars. One of his last publications was with Jacobsen on "The Spectroscopic Orbit of HD 47732" (ApJ 222, 574, 1978). In this period he also earned the University of Pittsburgh Ph.D in education (1978).

"Wally" and his wife, Natasha, retired to California. He continued an active interest in meetings of the A.A.S. and other societies where he looked forward to associating with his Pittsburgh students and Colleagues from Yerkes days. He also devoted attention to philately, especially co-authoring a treatise on Hawaiian stamps.

Beardsley served in the U.S. Army (1942-1946). He died of leukemia, which afflicted him for the last decade. He was a very quiet man of probity.

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